Speed vs Velocity

Speed vs velocity title image

This year at Scrum Day Europe I participated in a workshop for videoscribing, a really simple way to try and make your story engaging. I came away from that workshop buzzing with energy and with a few idea of what topics I would love to try with the technique.

Unfortunately, my Inkscape skills (needed for creating the SVG images used in the videoscribes) are not yet up to scratch 🙂 However, I really wanted to do something whilst learning to make sure that I keep my energy levels up.

And so here is my first attempt! Not a videoscripbe, but rather using its sibling, Tawe. Please ignore the rather poor sound production – at the moment I am using what is to hand to make the recordings – this will change with time…

So, onto the topic! Speed vs velocity. My thoughts on why we as teams should not be celebrating our outright speed, but rather using our velocity to provide insight into progress instead…