Reboot! (And Rename)


After trying to fit everything into my life for a while, and of course seeing that you can’t do everything, I took stock at the end of last year and made some changes.

In the first 1/4 of 2016 I dropped my team lead role from my job. It was costing more energy than it was delivering and it was stopping me from doing the things (both inside and out of work) that I wanted, and needed to do.

I went back to near full time development, with an eye on helping the remaining team leads with our continuing agile journey. But, whilst I was busy bringing my development skills back up to scratch I put the agile work on the back burner so that I could give that my full attention. After working with AngularJS and .Net Web API for  6 months I can say that I am nicely recharged and really enjoying my work again!

So, time to get the agile work back up to speed. High on the list of things to do here is getting this blog back up and running, and sharing the lessons I learn in my life now that I’m back in the middle of a Scrum team!

And, as I foresee the focus as less technical, a new name: Seeking agile

I am looking use an agile (with a lowercase a) mindset to make our product development as efficient (read giving customers what they need, with as short a lead time as possible) as we can.