Printing work items with Team Foundation Server

After our Product Owners were complaining a whole lot about not being able to print the backlog this post from Rene is more than welcome!

The Road to ALM

With the introduction of TFS 2012 Web Access we lost the possibility to print work items from the web. The experience wasn’t great in the first place but now it disappeared.

Also in Visual Studio we do not have great printing possibilities. For some teams this is a big issue. They like TFS but also like paper. For example they want to print the User stories for use during the Sprint planning. They have the most relevant information on paper, they can write on it etc.

But how to print to an acceptable format…Not out of the box.

Power of office

After thinking a while about this issue and some brainstorming with my customer, we came up with a simple but effective solution. We use Office. No plugins, just MS Office….and we use………Excel and Mail Merge.

Since VS 2005 we can use Excel to export Work Item Queries to Excel…

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